D8115 PPG DELTRON® Matt Clearcoat Kit 1.25L - Caucasus Paints

D8115 PPG DELTRON® Matt Clearcoat Kit 1.25L

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D8115 Matt Clearcoat and D8117 Semi-Gloss Clearcoat can be used alone or mixed together to achieve a wide range of final gloss levels, providing an easy to use and flexible solution to match any matt OEM finish. For example, D8115 can be used to repair the full matt finish or mixed with D8117 to achieve a full range of low gloss OEM finishes.

Gloss Type-> FC01 FC02 FC03 FC04 FC05
Deep MATT Finish example: Lamborghini Low-MATT Effect Finishes example: Mercedes, Smart, BMW, Fiat Semi-MAT Effect Finishes example: Moldings and Accessories Mercedes
Clear Mixing Ratio Table by weight (%)
D8115 100 70 50 30 0
D8117 0 30 50 70 100

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