Our Approach - Caucasus Paints


We understand the need to perform to the highest standards in today’s highly competitive market, to achieve long-term efficiency and profitability.

We also understands the continuing evolution of Motor Manufacturer body materials and paint finishes and the repair products, processes and techniques required to return vehicles to service in showroom condition.

As a result, we are able to develop bodyshop training programmes that develop your skills and knowledge where they are needed and when it matters.

Adaptive Solutions

Our training options can be adapted to suit your requirements, whether you need business development, better workflow, enhanced efficiency or hands-on skills. Training takes place under expert guidance at our Technician Training Centre in Tbilisi, Georgia. Alternatively we can also offer your bodyshop on site training.

At Caucasus Paints our aim is to provide you with a trustworthy partner in identification and development of key needs that will impact on your long-term success.

Sharing Knowledge

We organize courses and workshops for Finixa dealers and end users (body shops, etc.) as a forum to share know how and experience.
How does it work?

Are you a distributor of Finixa products or do you use/want to use Finixa at your body shop?
Request a training by calling or mailing us.
Your Finixa representative will contact you to set a date for the training. Depending on the needs, a selection is made between one or more of our training modules.

Are you interested in becoming a Finixa dealer? Get your own training to get to know our products.
A strategical meeting can also be set up with our sales director.

The PPG Way!

The PPG Technical Centre offers a unique package of training courses that will help paintshop & bodyshop personnel at every level. With a mix of theoretical knowledge and hands-on practical sessions participants get the benefit of learning bodyshop refinishing and paintshop color matching in a variety of ways, developing the relevant skills and techniques needed to accomplish the best possible job.

Delivered by highly respected and experienced PPG Refinish trainers, time is taken to make sure the practical elements of the whole repair process is covered.

All this is made available at PPG’s state of the art Technical Centres . With extensive facilities such as advanced technical equipment, modern functional workspaces, and comfortable furnished meeting rooms.