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Caucasus Business Group

Caucasus Business Group, JSC was founded in 2014 by US and Georgian partners as a holding entity of eight companies. Founded in 2004 – 2013, these companies have a regional focus and cover various business sectors, including but not limited to: automobile import; restoration/repair of automobiles; port services; operation of automobile customs terminals; regional cargo transportation; facilitation of automobile sales on the local market as well as on (re)export; credit financing of automobile import and restoration/repair; investment banking; local and global securities brokerage; asset management; financial consulting; legal services and real estate.

Our diversified business portfolio is designed to efficiently manage systemic and non-systemic business risks and to shift focus according to market opportunities – taking advantage of and capitalizing on revenue opportunities where they arise and reallocating resources at the right moment when conditions change.

Our mission is to build unrivaled partnerships with our clients through our expertise, professionalism, creativity and dedication, allowing us to proactively, effectively and efficiently address each client’s needs.

Our Vision: Caucasus Business Group and its member companies have a clear coordinated strategy and vision of how and where they can contribute with their performance in order to create steadily growing value for the company’s shareholders. Through the placement of different, innovative and client-oriented products and services on the regional scale market in different and/or related business sectors and resulting synergy, Caucasus Business Group is forming into a steadily growing, diversified and financially healthy organization. Diversity is an integral part of our vision and business imperative. We define diversity as valuing differences in thought and perspective. We integrate diversity into every aspect of our business and use it as a tool for designing the most effective solutions.

Our Goal is to use rich set of business opportunities, entrepreneurial approach and team culture to allow talented and skilled people to have a significant impact on the quality of our performance and overall success of the group.

Our Values: Our work is defined by our values to which we adhere through times of prosperity and uncertainty, challenge and opportunity. We understand the objectives of our clients and commit our full resources to meet their needs. Our expertise and qualifications are built on excellence and ongoing professional development. Through the professionalism, intellect, leadership and commitment of our people, we are able to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. As a group of companies in which exceptional people build an industry-wide reputation and rewarding careers, we foster high levels of opportunity and initiative. Marked with excellence and high ethical standard, the integrity of our professional staff is a defining value of our group, constituting our most precious asset – our reputation.